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Accutrust Cheetah


We are redefining the trust & investment industry
through state-of-the-art software solutions.

  • Web-Platform Hosted Solution

    Web-Platform Hosted Solution  

    Wouldn’t it be great to have the freedom to help your clients from anywhere? Accutrust Cheetah is built with modern conveniences in mind. We host the application for you, which will allow you to work from any location in the world and let you deliver the highest touch possible to your clients. This means you can concentrate on growing your business (from anywhere) and let us handle the rest; data backup, disaster recovery, software upgrades, hardware upgrades and knowledgeable IT specialists.

  • Overview


    See your needs. Create solutions. Deliver results. Our process may not sound like magic, but it is the way we work and it is a proven method. With Accutrust Cheetah, every tool you need to manage wealth is at your fingertips in one place. We believe that’s the easiest way for you to work, and we like to think that’s why over 250 clients love us.

  • Investment Management Tools

    Investment Management Tools  

    Built-in Portfolio Modeling and Performance Measurement allow Investment professionals to evaluate individual accounts and account relationships to make informed decisions without the need to look anywhere else. Dashboard summaries provide quick and beautiful insights on an account’s holdings and recent performance. Trades can be placed directly from the Account portfolio and can be aggregated at the department level or executed immediately.

  • Accunet


    The end-client portal to the system, Accunet, provides your clients access to their information, all in a single location. We obsess over making you look good in front of your clients because we understand that we are a big part of that. With Accunet, we keep your clients connected to the resources they need for you to deliver success. If your clients love you, you’ll love us, and that’s exactly where we want to be.

  • Dashboards


    We understand that reviewing information on a daily basis can sometimes be tedious.  You can get lost in a sea of numbers when looking for exceptions that need to be addressed.  Accutrust Cheetah brings those exceptions to the surface by summarizing key data elements at the account and institution levels in order to provide actionable information at a glance.    Standard review items like Overdrafts are now neatly identified in a way that provides exception only information on the surface.

  • Account Reviews

    Account Reviews  

    Imagine being able to see the notes from prior reviews without needing to leave your desk, and being able to comment on items in question prior to review meetings. How about a system that will raise alerts about situations in accounts that don’t meet the set strategy or review tolerances on a more frequent basis than the annual review? Accutrust Cheetah makes use of the information it contains to provide a holistic view of an account to satisfy regulatory and internal policy requirements. It can keep you appraised of specific situations within your book of business so the review process becomes simple, timely and effective. Getting rid of paper is just a bonus.