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Accutech’s Culture: Our Secret Sauce


Posted by: Adam Unger on Friday, February 12, 2016 at 7:50:00 am

Best Places to Work IndianaAccutech was recently named  one of Indiana’s Best Places to Work . 

The award, which came from Indiana’s Chamber of Commerce, recognized our firm as one of the best companies to work for in Indiana. It made us feel pretty good. The methodology of the survey is heavily weighted toward staff feedback, meaning that our people enjoy our culture and coming to work. 

Redefining Culture

For us, though, culture is about more than winning awards. Culture is about how you approach your work and how you approach interacting with other people—customers, community members, coworkers. 

Culture must be more than a poster on a wall in your company’s break room. I always tell our team that it’s my job to provide the environment for a great culture to flourish , but it’s their job to create that culture by the attitude they have and the actions they take. 

As much as I wish I could direct  the culture  with our team—and I spend one to two days with each new hire, helping them to catch our cultural vision—it’s each team member’s responsibility to embody that culture and make it a reality. 

A Culture of Service

If I could distill Accutech’s culture into the key ingredient of our secret sauce, it’s “service.” 

It comes through in not only how we interact with clients, but each other—and the community, too. When you’re serving others, you enjoy life more. For us, we want to be a selfless, humble group of individuals who come together and create a  great culture by serving others. 

Create a Family Culture

What makes our culture remarkable? It’s this: We don’t want people to come in and work a job. We want people to be passionate about what they’re doing. So our culture of service begins by serving our team .

That’s why we provide our team the space to bring their whole selves to work. We don’t want mindless drones, but fully engaged, fully alive humans. So we celebrate March Madness. We have chili cook-offs. And at Halloween, our team members are encouraged to bring in their costumed kids, who parade around the office collecting candy.  We want to have fun but we also provide the latitude for team members to rally the company together whenever someone faces trying times in their personal lives.  

Philanthropic Time

Community is important to us here, too. One thing we’ve done to express that in our culture is give every employee in our company a full week—on top of other paid time off— of what we call philanthropic time, so that our team members can have flexibility to serve causes bigger than themselves, and bigger than Accutech—whether that’s working for Habitat for Humanity or going on a mission trip with a church. 

Meanwhile, our Accutech Community Team actively searches for ways we can partner with other companies to make our community a better place—things like collecting donations for a local homeless shelter and providing underprivileged kids with backpacks of food. 

We find that as our team builds their service muscles outside of Accutech, they bring that renewed strength of service inside Accutech, going above and beyond our clients’ expectations.  Our culture makes us a company with genuine character … I think it’s why our clients can tell that we truly care.

For more on the thinking that’s shaped our culture, check out these books: 

QBQ, by John G. Miller

Smile & Move, by Sam Parker

The Legacy of Sovereign Joy, by John Piper

Nuts! by Kevin & Jackie Freiberg

Grow, by Jim Stengel


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