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We are redefining the trust & investment industry
through state-of-the-art software solutions.

  • Accutech University

    Accutech University  

    You only want the best people working for you, which means your team needs to understand the industry at large as well as the software they use to serve it. We believe so much in that concept that we created Accutech University so that you can receive comprehensive, accredited and trusted industry training.

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  • Implementations


    We make your transition to our software straight-forward because we want to help rid your life of stress. We will walk through this process with you every step of the way and bring a smile to your face while doing it. We may not dress like the sherpas of Mt. Everest, but our job descriptions are the same, and when we help you reach your conversion goals, it is just as rewarding as standing with you on the summit.

  • Overview


    We like to keep things simple, which is why we only focus on trust and investment software solutions. Because we pay closer attention to our clients than most, we can help actually improve your life ... it’s what we are dedicated to, and we don’t stop at software.